Thursday, December 9, 2010

Yet Again, My Summer Vacation

Yes, I know it's winter already. It's cold even down here in Florida.
But vacations for me are very few and far between.
So if I dwell on my summer vacation, I get to make it last a bit longer!
It was a long time since I was able to spend some time in New York, and there were
alot of friends to catch up with.
Eddie McGarry's a guy I hung out with, rode with, and even got to work.
He's now established at the Indian Larry shop out in Brooklyn.
When I left, he was still working on this bike in the back of Larry's shop. His ride was a pre-unit
bobber he picked up at 6th Street. It had the coolest 2 into 1 high pipe.
Here's a shot of his car.
Have to include a couple of the bikes Larry built.

I forgot what it's like to have to park on the street. Even without a garage, I've always have been able to park a little more secure since I came to Florida.
And, of course, I had to visit my friend John Reardon and get a tattoo in his new shop
out in Brooklyn. He's the best. He also travels around, so check him out at
The original reason for driving up was to transport a couple of bikes back for a friend.
That fell through, so I couldn't leave with an empty truck,
could I?
I figured you'd understand!

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  1. Hey,Do you have any hardtail frames,that a Norton engine & gearbox,would fit in?