Thursday, July 7, 2011

Let's Go Racing!

CCS Vintage Roadracing
Homestead/Miami Speedway
June 25-26
There they are, ready to go!

Florida's CCS has made a great effort to include a Vintage class at select events during the year.
Last year I attended a couple of the races with Ask Henry Racing, but we've decided to lay low
this year. (we're cookin' something up for October)
I was fortunate enough to get a gig covering the GMD Computrack trailer while Eric 
was down in Brazil. (He claims he's working with a race team down there, hmm...)
So in between tweaking sportbike suspension, I was able to do a bit of schmoozing with
the vintage crew.

And they're off!
Brian Tenn got the holeshot on his GS1000, pulling a wheelie almost the whole way to turn 1.
But he couldn't make it stick, and ended up further back in the pack at the exit.
Chuck Easterling and Mark Tenn charged to the front, and the two immediatly pulled away
from the rest of the field. It was a classic battle between two and four stroke power.
Chuck on his RD400, and Mark on one of the FZR400s he and his brothers have.
The RD got the early lead, but Mark kept at him, hounding him
as best he could. Chuck was able to hold off the newer Yamaha for the first
half of the race, but Mark was able to finally pass for the lead. 
But the battle was still on. The FZR worked hard to keep the lead,
but eventually started to pull away, securing the win.
The final results: 
#1- Mark Tenn, Yamaha FZR400             
             2- Chuck Easterling, Yamaha RD400                
 3- Paul Tenn, Yamaha FZR400             
4- Brian Tenn, Suzuki GS1000             
                                          DNF- Sakis Vasilopoulos,  Yamaha RD400 (after 5 laps)              
                                     DNF- Michael Perry, Yamaha FZ350G (after 3 laps)                

I would say it was probably the best race of the weekend! Well, I may be slightly biased.
 A good day for Yamaha fans. Unfortunatly, the Bessey's didn't make it with their Triumph.
To the left is Chuck Easterlings very well developed RD400.
And to the right, the GS1000 that Paul Tenn threw together for $500,
this weekend being it's 1st time out.

Sakis Vasilopoulos builds the most beautifull motorcycles,
making all of the body work himself.
He is also fast as hell, and will ride the wheels off any bike that
happens to be under him. He raced back in Greece before coming to America, 
and now has fun racing in any vintage event he can get to. 

But this week his bike just wasn't working right....

See ya