Monday, December 6, 2010

"Around the World in 80 M#@^%- F%*^# days"

Last week Paolo came riding into town.
He's the latest in world travelers. He's riding a new Ducati Multistrada around the world, planning to do it in a year!
Ducati is eating it up, as they should. Right now he's probably in Mexico, or close.
I couldn't do it.
About the time of the preparation buzz, I happened to come across some articles about another bike ride around the world. This one took 4 years, and was done on a Triumph!
You might have seen the book. Jupiter's Travels by Ted Simon.
I read his book when it was re-released, shortly after I became a mechanic.
Awesome book.
As far as bike choice goes (for one of these trips), Ted summed it up
"I think I was really lucky that... the equipment was still in such a primitive state"
As far as modern machines go "...the motorcycle becomes such an enormous presence... it would be almost impossible to sneak into places the way I used to be able to..."
I was inspired! Definatly not to ride around the world, but to read Ted's book again!
This time my perspective will be on the motorcycle itself, now that I am far from the fledgeling mechanic I was 15 years ago.

-Ted Simon quotes taken from Classic Motorcycle March and April 1999, "Once More Round the World", interview by Bill Stermer.
-Title of this post taken from Whoopie Goldberg. Thanx Whoopie.

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