Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mods vs. Rockers 10/24/10 Seminole Hardrock Casino

Best No-Go of Show
Yep, you heard it. I blew it! But not for lack of trying.
Sunday morning at 10, Pogo politely let me know I should give up.
I wish he would have told me the night before! Then I could have slept more than 2 hours.
The push for the bike show did get my bike much further along than it would have been otherwise, and since it was pouring rain, I told everyone I left the bike home so it wouldn't get wet.

Here is 1 of 2 of the Best Bitsa class. It is Metalflake Herb's pre-unit Triumph scrambler. He used to race it (probly before the paint job) against Clive Taylor. He has built a bunch of really cool motorcycles, and this one got 2nd place. Some Honda I did not see got 1st.
So I would have at least won 3rd.
The rain kept the turnout down, but it cleared up around noon. There were still alot of cool bikes, and alot of people showed up.

This is the line up of the bikes brought by Dime City Cycles. They were a sponsor and had a good display at their booth. They've got a shop on the west coast (of Florida of course) that specializing in the Cafe Racer scene. Check them out at

Specialized Motors also brought a few of their stable. Dave and Ed have been knocking out restoration after restoration, throwing in a custom here and there. These bikes are beautifully done, and all will be runners. The work is all done at William Scherer's Museum. Check them out at
Now, this is one of the best looking motorcycles ever made. The others look just like it.
It belong's to Vicki Smith, and maintained by Rich at Desmo Pro.
If it doesn't win everything it's entered, the judges should be shot!
Some of the British Bikes, and it wouldn't be right
if I didn't include the scooters!
My favorite of the show was not a single bike, but 2 that happened to be parked next to each other in the line up. A CB750 Street Fighter and a CB175 Cafe Racer.
Reminds me of the old cartoons with the Big Dog- Little Dog pair.
That CB750 better watch out!
It was an excellent show. Thanx to Chris and Louise for the excellent work.
The ride the day before might have been the biggest ride this town has seen.
(not counting the toy run)
Next Show is the Dania Beach show at the end of January.
See ya

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Can He Do It?

24 Hours to go!
Not even.
Saturday morning, and this is where I am.
Will I get to the show on time?
Will I get any sleep ?
Only time will tell.
I've had to fix or fit everything on and in this motorcycle.
Welding's easier with some help.

At least the engine's almost ready!
Tomarrow at 9am I will be riding up to the Seminole Hardrock Casino
for the Mods v. Rockers bike show.
I may even come home with a trophy!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hodaka Fever!

I don't consider myself a trendsetter, but
ever since I got my Hodaka, they've popped up everywhere!

1st Howard got his Combat Wombat.
He wants to build a roadracer.
I found this one buried in Brooklyn
at a shop called Works Engineering
It's an Ace, like mine.
This one turned up in Henry's garage. It doesn't need much, and as soon
as he gets it going, We're gonna hit the road, and call ourselves
the Hodaka Hooligans!

Oh, yeah, mine again.