Saturday, March 17, 2012

R.I.P. Pogo Evans

At 1545 ZULU on Friday November 25th, Gerry and I committed part of Pogo's ashes to the sea, at Sausalito Ca. He now has front row seats for the upcoming America's Cup.

(His memorial at the Mean Machines booth at the Dania Vintage Bike Show)

We lost a good friend last year.
I was at the Barber event when I found out Pogo died.
Earlier I was having a laugh with Henry,
while going through tech inspection, 
about a complaint
that he has always been quite vocal about.

You'd appreciate that if you knew him.

You are missed.

See ya Pogo!


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dania Beach Vintage M/C Show #6

Getting Better Every Year!

Clive and Claire have out done themselves yet again!
Every year the Dania Beach Vintage M/C Show multiplies. More Vendors, more Swap Meet booths, more bike entries, and alot more people showed up to check out the show.
My first prize!
(not 1st prize, it's actually really a consolation prize, but 
I've never entered a bike before...) 

So here it is...Jacob's Annual Take on the Show!
And now, in no particular order...

I had to pay him this year, (that good...)
But he earned it!

Had to show off  Ask Henry Racing!
Especially since that picture is David Aldana,
Racing our bike.
And the swap meet was...well, a swap meet!

So ,until next time!