Monday, March 21, 2011

They Come, They Go

Goodbye my sweet Daytona!
Well, not quite yet.
But it is time to liquidate.
I, unfortunatly, am not in the position to have and keep all the bikes I want.
I want them all, so every so often I have to make the tough choice to let one go.
It was a very hard decision with Mr. Perfect here. But, my Bonneville is almost done (beleive it or not) and I have a couple other projects behind that one. You see, I walked into my shop the other day and realized if I kept it up, I'd have no room for any jobs!
Truth is, I'll soon have another street bike, and my plans to turn the Daytona into a race bike (which is what they were built for!) were aborted when I picked up this pile.
It's another Daytona!
The frame is actually another '72 built the same month.
Engines a '73 (like me).
I had already picked up extra tanks and fenders, a rear wheel, and some other cool bits, including a real trick aluminum front fender.
Oh yeah, Henry has had this head sitting around. It's off a race bike!
So here it sits, waiting.
So, if you're looking for a sweet Daytona, give me a call.
I'm ready to wheel and deal!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Boys Eye View

I got busy minding the Mean Machines booth,
So I handed off the camera to my son
and let him loose.

(if you didn't expect a picture of a toy to sneak in, you must not have kids!)

I thought his tank art theme was too cool to leave out.
Thanks Jake, good Job!

Finally, the Dania Show!

Sorry everybody!
It has been a while, but better late then never!
(Mean Machines vender/swapmeet booth. That's Brando in the tent.)
Even though it's been a little over a month ago,
I still have that warm fuzzy feeling about this years
Dania Beach Vintage Motorcycle Show.
Last year I new that this event was going to only get better,
and this year went beyond my expectations.
Great job guys!
Crazy Eddie came all the way from Miami (left).He brought a bunch of CB750 stuff, and some other mostly Japanese parts.
Triumph Greg was of course there with a pile of British parts. He's the guy in charge when it comes to the swap meet part.
And that's Valerie, wondering why any of us would want this junk!

This Indian won my personal Best of Show.
And here are a couple of honorable mentions:
I have a soft spot for Goldstars.
I lived on one for almost 3 years.

For more coverage of the show, check out Vicki's coverage:
If you pay attention, you see my Hodakas.