Saturday, December 18, 2010


Don't forget your Safety Glasses!A little accident.
Drilling out a broken steering stop on a Bonneville frame.
I saved the pieces.
The upper left piece is the one I caught with my eye. My eye was closed, but it still got me.
My eyeball bled!
It's alot better now, and it never hurt or messed up my sight.
Lessons Learned:
1- safety glasses are your friend.
2- I have some damn good eye reflexes!
On a brighter note
For the 15 years I've been working on Triumphs, I've always
dreamed of having an aluminum rim.
Well here it is! Just laced it up onto the front wheel of
the '65 I'm still building. Here's something everyone needs.
Vintage lap timer!
It's just too cool. I installed it on the A-10RGS and imediatly
took it for a ride to go show everyone.
And it only took 7 minutes!

Crazy Eddie in Liberty City sent me this pic of one of his bikes.
Meet Funkdelicious!

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