Monday, May 7, 2012

A Day in the Life

Hello boys and girls!
I'm not big on polishing motorcycles
(or even washing mine!)
but, I do have a gig washin', waxin' and polishing
a collection in town.
They belong to Bruce Wagner.
He loves old bikes and new bikes. But most of all,
he loves bikes he can haul ass on.
The TR6C is the only one that wasn't built, or restored, by
Joe Doman.
Hey! Good Job!

Back to good old Mean Machines! Can't let these hands get too clean now...
Here're a couple of bikes I've been working on.
(here're is my word of the day. I've been able to use it 3 times so far)
 And, of course, I am helping my friend Bob with his new Trumpet.
 I tried to get him to fly me up to Atlanta, but no, I've got to do it all over
the phone. Oh well, his loss.

Just got a copy of The Motorcycle Diaries.
(The book, not the movie.)
Expect to see a series of reports in future posts.
"No guys, really, I made Granado ride bitch."

 In closing, here is a pic I took back at Barber with my phone.
Yes, it did take  me this long to get it off.

Till next time!
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See ya