Thursday, June 30, 2011

Duelling Bloggers

We both needed to get out of town in a big way.
Neither of us had done anything but local riding recently,
so when Jason at Dime City Cycles invited me to their party/bike show over in St. Petersburgh,
it was a perfect excuse.
The plan was to get some of the guys, who already planned to go, to ride with us,
but cars and trailers won out!
So Brando and I hit the road.
We got a late start (3pm), and had to fight our way out of town.
The plan was to blast out to snake road, and then cut north to get off the highway.
Not the smartest move if we had a schedule to follow, but luckily
we left that in the trash. But after dodging alligators, love bugs, and 2 very
ominous storms, we bit the bullet and hit the highway.
We ended up  in a cheap old motel just north of Punta Gorda.
Back on the road (but not too early- see a pattern here?)
It should have been a quick ride up to St. Pete, but our luck ran out.
Big old storm hit us. We stopped under an overpass, while on an overpass, but still
got wet. Brando was prepared. I had a garbage bag...
Finally, we made it! 10 hours to ride what would take a car 3.
But it's about having fun.
The show was great. Turn out was beyond what we expected, due to the rain.
And it rained most of the day.
Lotsa great bikes, cute pin-up girls, and good food and music.
I spent some time with Rich from Lowside magazine out of Baltimore.
They rode down, that's Rich's KZ. Nice bike Rich.
You all should check them out at
They have the right attitude.
 My friend Scott Turner builds some beautiful motorcycles. And many of them.
He's also fast as hell on his race bike. You can find him on facebook under Team Scott Racing.
I can't cause I can't even find facebook! (I'd type 'lol', but Brando won't let me).

Every bike show needs a winner, so
Mean Machines Best of Show

Talk about mean! I didn't get too close, cause I swear it growled at me!
(maybe that was the moonshine I had)

Time to go!  Back on the road the next morning for us.
Our route home was to be country rode east to Rt. 27, then south.
A little quicker, but 27 isn't like I-75, or I-95.
 It was a nice day in the country!
And that's where our ride ended!
Luckily we had good company, and of course beer!
(it wasn't me who broke down!)

Thank you Tash, for all the hospitality.

See ya