Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sixth Street Specials

Sixth Street Specials
703 E 6th Street
Hey everybody.
Got in my annual trip to New York last week.
And I, of course, stopped by the old shop to b.s. with Hugh.
Why else go back?
I always check out the race bikes first.
The Triumph is Champion framed. Hugh put Fumi on it, and he is
winning races. All with a stock TR7R engine!
Hugh has not had much luck with his Gold Star, but he's finally chased off the gremlins, and is ready for the next race!
And of course, out on the street:
 Hugh's new Triumph has been around for awhile, I did a lot of work on it back when Emmett bought it. That was probably 12 years ago.
It is a sweet motorcycle. Always one of my favorites.
Here's a better look at Fumi's 500 Triumph.
And there was, of course, something cool sitting in the window.
There always is.
So, back in the day, graffiti artists used spray paint and markers.
Then the MTA built the subway trains to be graffiti proof. They failed.
Now those hoodlums are scratching on the windows. Guess what the preferred tool is?  Spark Plugs.
 They break them and use the ceramic.
That extra plug isn't for roadside repair.
It's a sacrifice.
See ya
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-Mean Machines is a vintage motorcycle repair shop, located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
They specialize in Triumph, BSA, Norton, and all the other British bikes, but also work on Japanese and European makes. The shop is also involved in Ask Henry Racing, running a Kawasaki Z1R in AHRMA,s Vintage Superbike Roadracing events.


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  1. The first pic you post is a chopper?! is somebody getting the itch? haha