Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Day in the M-I-A

 Yep, I do house calls.
It would be silly not to, and there is definitely
a market for it down here. It's not like I travel very far.
Miami is right next door, and I've got a pretty nice client base
down there. And, I love an excuse to make the trip.
First Stop
the Grand Central.
It's a club in downtown Miami.
No, I didn't actually go to the club, my customer owns the building.
(I don't really get out that much)
His Triumph was overdue for a cylinder head retorque.
He had me rebuild his top end
earlier this year.
(and it is on our you-tube, links will be at bottom)
Now that is one awesome t-shirt!
That's me working in the outside bar area.
Hope nobody puts down their Louis Vouton!
Off to the Beach!
South Beach,
that is.
Stop number Two-
 delivery of this fine BSA A-65
Believe it or not, this bike is also on you-tube!
Both these bikes were filmed being repaired during visits
to Mean Machines earlier this year. They both were filmed by me, not Brando, and were the only two I filmed.
(we try to keep the camera in his hands, and the wrenches in mine. Yes, you can also
 read this the other way around, Mr. Mitchell)
And now, they bring me down to Miami on the same day!
But here is the icing on the cake-
Third Stop
Final destination- Brando's.
And guess what was on our agenda,
besides catchin' up with our friend Jim Beam?
I stopped by so we could finish the voice over for the BSA A-65 video!
(insert theme  to the Twilight Zone)
Brando's TR6. Packed away.
(road construction right outside his building forced Brando to resort to riding a KLR, in order to successfully jump all the ditches and slag heaps left helter-skelter by the work crew)
So, we are making a serious You-Tube push, and need everyone's help.

You can check out the Triumph T120 Top End, BSA A-65 Clutch, and new episodes every week. (almost)
Again, our channel:
See Ya


-Mean Machines is a vintage motorcycle repair shop, located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

They specialize in Triumph, BSA, Norton, and all the other British bikes, but also work on Japanese and European makes. The shop is also involved in Ask Henry Racing, running a Kawasaki Z1R in AHRMA,s Vintage Superbike Roadracing events

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