Friday, April 20, 2012

A Day in the Life

Hello boys and girls!
Appypollylodgies to all of you
who have been wondering what rock
I crawled under.

I have no excuse...

You probably don't notice, but
Mean Machines has been remodeled!
The shop wasn't working out, and, since it's
not time to move to a bigger spot, I rung as much as I could out of what I have!
 Finally got up to Boca Raton
for the Concours d'Elegance this year.
 Awesome show.

Also snuck up to Daytona to see some dirt track racing!
I will, of course, share these with you...soon...I promise!

Brando and I have also stepped up our You-Tube thing. Check it out:
See, I haven't been slackin'!

Check out that rig!

Here are some of the bikes I've been working on:

Brando has also started to throw in a wrench.
It may be ugly now...


Make sure you check out the Cafe Racer TV show
on Discovery HD.
Last night started Rich at Desmo Pro's Ducati,
and Hugh at 6th Street Specials is next up building a Norton.
(They liked him so much, Mike Seate is paying him to build the bike)
(first time for the show)

See ya,

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