Sunday, April 22, 2012

Concours d'Elegance

Finally got to the Boca Show.
Dave Boyer and Ed, over at the Specialized Motorcycles Museum,
asked Henry and I to lend them a hand this year.
I, of course, said yes!
(but was cursing it at 4:30 that morning!)

Although the weather wasn't hopefull, the turnout was great.
We, of course, know all the judges, but...
...who are all these guys in jacket and ties?

The cream-of-the-crop shows up for this event.
Here are a few.

After we had 2 or 3 looks around the place,
we finally got our passes to the Gourmet d'Elegance.
It is a tented pavilion of many fine food establishments showing off
their best dishes. And they were serving rum.
Henry and I hung out there for most of the afternoon,
watching go by!

There was, of course, a best of show.

 1910 Harley Davidson

Oh yeah, almost forgot,
there were also some cars. (oops)

Till next year!
don't worry, not referring to my next Blog entry

See ya

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