Monday, August 15, 2011

NYC 2011

I just got back from my annual trip up north.
A bit short this year, I was only able to sneak a day trip into NYC.
 So, I headed straight over to 6th Street Specials, checking
out the good old East Village as I went.
That's the 6th Street crew. Before my time.
6th Street Specials

Only  a quick visit this year, unfortunatly. Hugh and Fumi were of course
present, and a few of the old gang ended up showing up.
Also, there are always  great bikes to check out.
 Trackmaster Triumph! Hugh built this one to race, of course.
The frame was Gary Fisher's.
This is an old BSA Goldstar in a very cool, very rare factory rigid frame,
used for dirt track and at Daytona (when it was on the beach).
Last year I had the pleasure to bring both frames back to Florida to repair. I'll tell you all about it in a future blog.
Bonus, I found the liscense plate from the first Triumph I ever built!  
And of course, I couldn't leave empty handed...

Listen Up Everybody!
Fumi has taken it upon himself to raise money for a very noble cause.
A group of bikers in Japan decided to do what the government refuses to do,
they are bringing food and supplies to the many people who are still in areas affected
by radiation, and are in great need.
So please, buy a t-shirt, and support this cause.


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  1. Twas up and running , the old place,, but not by bikers,, its a long old flite,, 8hrs,, and getin t hostel was a nitemare,, If - only,, will put things rite ,, No mistakes this time