Monday, April 12, 2010

Jennings GP Race Track

Just got back from Jennings GP race track. Went up with Henry and Brando as the Ask Henry Racing Team to shake down our Kawasaki KZ1000 vintage superbike. It ran great, and Henry had a blast riding.

This year CCS racing has reopened its vintage classes with a 3 race series, trying to lure the AHRMA racers out of hiding. I heard 11 bikes showed and 9 raced. Pretty good for Easter Weekend. There was a great mix and we all had a great time. only the normal racing mishaps to keep us on our toes.

Rider of the weekend goes to Tash Zarvalas on the #802 Honda 350. His lap times were a very respectable 1 minute 28 seconds (so I hear) That's about 15 seconds off lap record! (he's hiding behind his son)

Next race is in June down in Homestead, FL. I figure it will be even better.

See ya!


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