Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My First Motorcycle

My father bought my first motorcycle-’67 200cc Mountain Cub for $75 & taught me how to ride it. I had to keep my balance because my feet couldn’t reach the ground and I dare not stall the bike because the only way to start it was to “bum-start” it. Every week-end we were dirt bike riding and I developed fantastic balance which led me to Trials & my next bike- 76’ Yamaha TY250

In 1981 I bought a ‘71 tr6r Tiger 659 and still ride it today. I once rode it from NY to Miami Beach with only blowing a fuse! And no, I didn’t have a spare.

When I played in a band, the singer had a fantastic idea for us to ride my Triumph onto the stage…the only problem was, at Showtime we were too drunk even to ride the bike up the stairs…I leave the rest of that story to your imagination.

I dig secondary roads…the red lines on the map get you into back country where you can find really cool bars & people.

I’ve been a photographer all my life and first worked in film in ‘84 on a Nicholas Cage movie.

I film & edit the Mean Machines show, but really it is a collective effort between Josh and myself.

I am a quasi-mechanic who enjoys tinkering & when I get into trouble I call Josh.



  1. It was an extra challenge to learn how to ride when the bike outsized you. But your dad must’ve had a lot of faith in you, given that he gave you a ’67 200cc Mountain Cub for a start. I’m not surprised your succeeding motorbikes didn’t include a scooter or a minibike in it. But have you tried riding a smaller motorcycle? With the balancing skills you’ve developed training with heavy and big bikes, it is possible for you to tumble. How ironic, right? ;)

    - Erik Lucien

  2. My children know how to ride a motorcycle, even my one and only daughter. :) The first time she tried it, it was very difficult for her to balance the bike since she was so afraid then. The fact that her foot couldn’t reach the ground scared her even more. But then, after weeks of practicing, she was able to learn! Now, she’s one heck of a rider! :D

    Max Piedra