Monday, April 1, 2013


The Inaugural
Wynwood Vintage Motorcycle Festival
That means it was the first of many.
I hope.
The boys at Old Souls, Young Blood put on a darn good show.
(even though I didn't win!)
I brought down Richard Silver's BSA Rocket Gold Star to enter
in the cafe racer category.
It's kick-ass.
All John Tickle gear on this one. I've done alot of work on it over the last 5 years, and figured it had a chance to win.
A 1982 Honda won. Oh well.
It was a great show held in Wynwood, Miami.
Alot of bikes showed up, and I of course will share!

A few of what I consider the cream-of-the-crop.
Jacob picked out this Yamaha.
It is the 2nd time he's picked an SR500.
And, of course, there was live music.
Now, for what you were waiting for...
This year, I've decided that my judging criteria be a little more focused
Sooo....Mean Machines'  Wynwood Festival's
Meanest of Show 
I'm not usually a chopper guy,
but sometimes they need to be appreciated.
The gold...the kicked up fishtails...the apes...
I don't know.
Thats why it's good to make your own rules.
And of course, we need a Best Rat Bike.
                                Alex Mackenzie's Moto Guzzi
See ya!
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-Mean Machines is a vintage motorcycle repair shop, located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.They specialize in Triumph, BSA, Norton, Bonneville, Tiger, Commando, and all the other British bikes, but also work on Japanese and European makes such as Moto Guzzi, BMW, Hodaka, Bultaco KTM, Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki, Metisse, Rickman, Ceriani, Ducati, Husqvarna, Maico, Montesa, Greeves, Indian, Harley Davidson.The shop is also involved in Ask Henry Racing, running a Kawasaki Z1R in AHRMA,s Vintage Superbike Roadracing events, and supports Sixth Street Specials, 6th Street Racing dirt track racing.



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