Monday, November 15, 2010

Don't Miss It!

Wednesday November 24
Discovery Channel HD
6th Street Specials will be featured on the Cafe Racer TV show

I was lucky to have arrived in NY just in time to see Hugh drag out the BSA Super Rocket that he built for the TV show. That's it sitting in the middle. It's always good to get back to 6th Street

The bikes an awesome piece. Put together from parts, starting with a rusted out donor. The tank alone would make any bike.

Hugh knows how to build a bike.
Especially those he makes as Specials. I learned alot when I was working for him.

Here's his mechanic, Fumi, getting in on the fun.
(I hope I spelled your name right! Sorry 'bout that if I didn't)

Even I got put to work!
Just like the good old days.
Like always, someone is fiddling with there bike out on the street.
So, Don't Miss The Show!
Since we're on the subject of cafe racers, here are a couple that are here in South Florida.
Eddie's CB750 from Things Done Cycles
Richard Silvers Super Rocket (yep another one!)
I am lucky to have this one to work on occasionally

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