Monday, September 13, 2010

My Great Biker Build-Off !

I have 1 month and 10 days
I left NYC 8 years ago with a Triumph bottom end and cylinder head, and have since acquired the rest of this pile. Now I must finally build the bike!

The goal is to ride my bike to the Mods V. Rockers motorcycle rally and win me a prize!
I'm building a 1965 Triumph T120C, but it ain't gonna look like one. The whole idea is to build a bike that I would have built back in '65. I'd like to think of it as a Triumph Special, but you'd probably only call it a bitsa (or something decency won't let me type).

I had to start with a mock up, just to see if all my parts would fit! Now it's time to get serious and turn this pile o' junk into a proper street fighting bastard!

Wish me luck!
and bring me coffee!

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